Prototyping with Low-Code

Low code technology is taking off! 
Low code technology is already helping 1000’s of company across multiple industries rapidly transform their digital operations and experience through ultra-quick web / mobile software development. Companies are experiencing minimum 5-fold increases in productivity, incredibly short times to market, massive savings on cost of build and accelerated ROI. The market is now at a tipping point with a recent Forrester report indicating expected growth from $3.8bn in 2017 to $15.2bn in 2021 Recent landmark investments such as $360m by Goldman Sachs and private equity group KKR into the leading low code provider OutSystems further confirms the potential. See - (OutSystems Investment News)

Is the technology right for you? 
Financial Services firms are now starting to take a serious interest with a growing number of early pioneers and standing room only events such as our recent 'Digital Solutions for Financial Services - Prototype to Transformation’ event further demonstrating growing demand. (Eventbrite - Prototype to Transformation).

Try before you buy - quickly see how low code can work for you 
Understandably some firms are still not sure whether this revolutionary technology is right for them. The promises perhaps seem too good to be true or they are not sure they have the bandwidth to make the change.

Want to learn more?
Our “OutSystems Red Letter Day” gives you a fantastic opportunity to see OutSystems in action and to see your use case come to life in a matter of hours. Low-Coder in partnership with Green Lemon Company and OutSystems are pleased to offer you a free no obligation one day experience to see the power of low code in action. You provide the use case, we provide the solution consultants and developer. We then collectively spend the day designing and building a prototype for your use case. At the end of the day we collectively review the results and agree on next steps. You may want to run more proof of concepts, purchase a license or simply walk away - the choice is yours.

About us
OutSystems is acknowledged by Gartner, Forrester and other peer review groups to the leading low-code platform. OutSystems has a 16-year pedigree and is the platform of choice for over 1000 global organisations.

Green Lemon Company is one of OutSystems Premier Partners responsible for reselling as well as providing development, support and training on the platform. The company works extensively in the financial services, logistics, utilities, charitable and banking sectors.

Low-Coder are product design consultants with 50 years’ experience in Financial Services. Their mission is to introduce and embed low-code technology into financial services firms and provide an innovation tool-kit for rapid creation of inexpensive solutions. We focus on product design, user experience and compelling value proposition creation to turn client ideas into reality.